Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor & Sophrologue

Sophrology, what is it?

Catherine Marshall Sophrologue

Sophrology is a psychocorporal approach aimed at promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being by harmonizing the body and mind. It is a therapeutic method that guides individuals in developing their potential through a process of personal transformation.

Created in 1960 by neuropsychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo, sophrology draws inspiration from a variety of influences, including autosuggestion, brief therapies, relaxation, phenomenology, psychoanalysis, yoga, neurology, Tibetan Buddhism, hypnosis, and Zen.

It offers the possibility to:

• Promote relaxation of the body and mind.
• Focus on listening to bodily and emotional sensations.
• Identify one's internal state.
• Determine what is beneficial for oneself.
• Recognize one's own resources.

How does it work?

Sophrology uses simple exercises of muscle relaxation, controlled breathing, and mental suggestion. This non-tactile approach is practiced in a standing or sitting position.

Today I have chosen to help Adults...

Sophrology is for anyone who wishes to discover this practice and adopt a different philosophy of life. It can help you improve your daily life by managing work stress, burnout, sleep disorders, or overwhelming unpleasant emotions. It can also help you prepare for life events such as a dance performance, a play, a competition, an exam, or public speaking. In case of illness, it can help you better manage pain, treatments, or your condition. In case of pathological behavior, it can help you better manage phobias, compulsive eating habits.


During the first consultation, I am here to listen to you. In a compassionate and non-judgmental spirit, we together establish a specific, measurable, and realistic goal that you can achieve within a defined period.

Every change takes time. A weekly consultation for two months is recommended to allow you to assimilate and replicate the exercises at home - through audios among other methods, which I will provide you with.

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour.
The rate for each session is 65 euros.
Does your health insurance cover a portion of this amount?