Registered Nutritionist, I am a specialist in eating habits and behaviours

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Over the past 10 years, in the UK and internationally, I have been working for:

- Non governmental organisations
- Health Centres
- Clinics
- Councils
- Schools, etc...

delivering food education programmes designed to prevent obesity and weight gain. These programmes promote a healthy, balanced diet in order to be in good health, to avoid putting on weight or to lose weight.

But… often these programmes impose a top down approach, are impossible to follow over the long term, and end up causing guilt and anxiety leading to overconsumption and binge eating.

Based on this observation, I took a different route… I chose Intuitive Eating which I believe is the solution to eating disorders.

I have realised  that strict dieting rules have a negative impact on health. On the other hand intuitive eating, which unconsciously allows a person to listen to their physiological, nutritional and emotional needs, promises better health by maintaining their natural weight.

As a practitioner of Le G.R.O.S, I am able to give skills and tools to help people listen to their internal hunger cues, their appetite, and accept their emotional need to eat. I am opposed to the dictates of thinness, against dieting, in favour of intuitive and mindful eating, in favour of self-acceptance and self-compassion.


MSc International Public Health nutrition, U.K 2008
BSc Human Nutrition, UK 2007
N° ADELI 759508583, France


The Intuitive Eating Pro Skills Training Teleseminar with Evelyn Tribole, 2019

The “bio-psycho-sensorielle approach” by Le Groupe de Réflexion sur l’Obésité et le Surpoids Le G.R.O.S, 2018

The Mindful Eating Conscious Living programme, M.E.C.L, 2017

8-Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Mindfulness Course, M.B.S.R, 2017

Motivational Interviewing, M.I, 2018

Professional Associations

(Association for Nutrition)

(The Nutrition Society)

(Self Employed Nutritionists’ Support & Enlightenment)

(The Centre for Mindful Eating)

(Association Français des Diététiciens Nutritionnistes)

Le G.R.O.S
(Le Groupe de Réflexion sur l’Obésité et le Surpoids)

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