Every person is different so every consultation is personalised around your own experience, your expectations. With your agreement, I will find the tools that will allow you to make long lasting changes.

Your first consultation

I will be listening to you and the story of your weight, and you will describe to me the problems that you have related to eating. Discussing together with kindness and without judgement, we will analyse the causes and the consequences.

We will fix an objective to change something related to each of your problems, establishing strategies to achieve those objectives that are clear, realistic and achievable. As we discuss we will assess your motivation … what are your expectations? At what stage are you on the road to change? Are we both committed?

Your second and following consultations

Once we have reaffirmed your objectives, we will debrief on the exercise that I will have given you at the first consultation…. The exercises can be around completing a food diary, reorganising how you eat, recognizing hunger/satiety cues, listing of taboo foods, practising mindful eating…
Exercises to increase your tolerance in order to manage your emotions better… short videos, drawings, metaphors, reading – all can be used to help the process.

Learning to replace mental control by listening to internal cues is crucial and requires several consultations. A session every two weeks is recommended in order to have enough time to do the exercises.

Each session lasts around one hour and costs £90.