Shall we change an impaired eating behaviour to Intuitive Eating?


Because… Where is the pleasure of eating?

Where is the freedom of making food preferences?

If you eat in order to lose weight…

If you use food very often to reduce negative thoughts or feelings…

If you have a negative body image…

(Negative body image can lead to dieting or Emotional Eating)

In fact…

1- Dieting is not the solution: You can’t follow food rules all the time!

2- Exclusive Emotional Eating is not the solution: You can’t find comfort in food all the time!

3- Your body becomes the enemy: You start to hate your body – body depreciation


You feel lost

You lose control

You eat “forbidden” fatty/sugary foods

You eat too fast, not mindfully

You end up over eating

You feel guilty

You fear putting on weight

You feel bad about yourself

You Start over

Vicious Circles….

Shall we change to Intuitive Eating? Yes!

  • Start to know yourself
  • Start to observe what you think, what you feel
  • Reconnect to yourself
  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Practice Mindful Eating
  • Listen to your internal hunger cues – Am I hungry? What do I fancy eating?
  • Recognise the difference between physical and emotional eating
  • Make choices
  • Make peace with food
  • Make peace with your thoughts, accept your emotions, your feelings
  • Make peace with yourself, practice self-care, self-acceptance (set point acceptance)

Intuitive Eating is the solution to…

Stopping compulsive overeating

Stopping binge eating

Helping to reconnect with internal cues

Making peace with food

Making up with Yourself